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Borax India ltd, a sister company of JSM Group provides custom manufacturing and development of fine chemicals for Agriculture, Ceramic Industry, Pharmecutical Industry, Steel and metal Rolling Mills in large scale.
Our manufacturing plant in Pondicherry consists of three buildings containing modern reactors, filtration equipment and quality control departments. We work with you to take your project from concept through laboratory scale synthesis and see it through to commercial manufacturing. Whether it is a start-up product, pilot scale-up, or full-scale production, we can be an important link between your creative idea and commercialization of your product.

Production facilities and services include:
* Production using your methodology or ours
* In-house production from mg to multi kg scale
* New product synthesis .
* Laboratory scale sample synthesis for customer evaluation.
* Scale-up and process optimization .
* Commercial manufacturing.
* Special Packaging
* Product Documentation
* High-vacuum distillation and drying
* Specialized recrystallization and filtration
* Clean room operations
* Manufacturing facilities with stainless steel and Fibre-glass reactors
* Complete confidentiality

Our expertise, custom manufacturing capabilities and rigorous quality standards allow us to provide you with the exact composition, properties and purity you need. Please contact us with your project requirements. .


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Our Products

  • Product Name
    Copper Nuggets
  • Product Name
    Copper Milbery
  • Product Name
    Brass Nuggets

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