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What is recycling?

Recycling is the processing of used materials which are no longer suitable for their original purpose. The end products of the recycling process are remanufactured into new products, reducing waste and keeping valuable materials out of landfill.

Why do we recycle?

Recycling is one of the most significant things we can do to help our environment. Metals and many other materials can be recycled and used again indefinitely, meaning we protect and preserve some of nature's finite resources. Using recycled products instead of virgin materials during manufacturing dramatically reduces pollution and carbon emissions, reduces energy and water consumption, and frees up much-needed space for necessary landfill.

What are the benefits of recycling?

Recycling provides a solution to many of the problems facing the world today, including diminishing resources, increased energy and water use, dangerous levels of carbon emissions and ever-growing levels of waste generation.
The threat of global warming highlights just how important the benefits of recycling can be for the entire planet. With global warming directly linked to the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, it is important we act immediately to reduce these emissions. The following examples give you some insight into how effective recycling can be in achieving these reductions:
* By using a tonne of recycled steel rather than primary iron ore, carbon emissions are reduced by 2.1 tonnes.
* When one tonne of aluminium is recycled, carbon emissions are reduced by a staggering 7.9 tonnes.
* For every tonne of computers recycled, carbon emissions reduced by approximately four tonnes.

What will happen if we don't recycle?

Apart from the devastating impacts associated with increased carbon emissions, without recycling, there is a very real danger that important commodities will be lost forever.

What does SEZ Recycling recycle?

We recycle all common metal-based products, such as cars, aluminium cans, steel beams and fridges. We also recycle electronics and IT equipment containing both metals and plastics, including computers, televisions, mobile phones, iPods and gaming consoles. We can even recycle submarines and aeroplanes.

What is SEZ Recycling's contribution to the world?

SEZ Recycling recycled over ____million and handled more than ____ million tonnes of steel, aluminium, copper, lead, plastics and e-waste a year globally in fiscal 2010.

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