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Waste cables are a major source of raw materials in terms of their non-ferrous metal content. Materials in waste cables need to be recycled due to economic and ecological reasons.Around 150,000 tons of waste cable is generated only in Germany every year. The sources of waste cable are as diverse as the types of cables: cables resulting from repairs, telephone cables or defective cables which come out of the production line.

There are different types of cables made of copper, aluminum, lead, and steel which underwent significant changes over time in addition to a variety of insulation materials used in cables. They range from PE and rubber sheathing to different types of PVC and plastics with grids. Cables slated for recycling today may be up to one hundred years old which gives an idea about the diversity of materials used in cables.

Metals can be recycled without any limitation or suffering a loss in their quality. Furthermore, the amount of energy needed during that process is much less than the amount of energy used for extracting the same metal from a mine.

SEZ Recycling processors all forms of metal Cables.These include:
- Steel cable
- Copper cable
- PVC cable
- Aluminium cable
- Aluminium PVC
- Armoured PVC
- Pyro
- Telecommunication cable
- Data cable
- Stainless steel cable

Non Ferrous metals and Ferrous metals


Non-Ferrous metals are metals which do not contain Iron. For example metals such as copper, aluminum, and tin are non-ferrous and play an important role in components of many modern products. Products like wiring and soda cans are inexpensive partly due to the role of the secondary metals industry. We keep costs low because the mining of these metals is more expensive and less efficient than recycling them.

Recycling is a win-win situation for our customers. Customers receive payment for bringing in recyclable materials and also help the environment and conserve the Earth's limited natural resources. Recycling keeps these metals out of the Earth's overflowing landfillsmetals.

Ferrous metals are in the form of steel and iron and commonly take on magnetic qualities. While this is not always the case (certain grades of stainless steel are considered ferrous but are not magnetic, just as cobalt is a magnetic but non-ferrous metal) ferrous metals are most commonly separated from nonferrous and other waste materials using commercial-grade magnets. Our advanced magnetic separation equipment and induction sorting systems ensure that materials are separated and processed appropriately.

SEZ Recycling ferrous metal processing handles a vast array of scrap, including by-products from the engineering sector, worn-out vehicles, discarded consumer appliances such as fridges and freezers, out-of-date tools and machinery, dismantled buildings and other steel-related structures and much more.

Metals, Chemicals, Solvents and Solutions.


SEZ Recycling offers state- of- the- art recycling solutions in order to meet the individual environmental goals of our customers. Our Alliance Partners and Service Providers include over years proven recycling services for everything from blanket wash, used oil to electronic waste, offering our customers closed loop alternatives.
We sample your oil waste streams and provides the best economic solutions and programs. SEZ Recycling accepts all types of different concentrations of used oil for recycling and reuse.

We utilize spent solvents for distillation and deliver clean products to many satisfied customers. Our efficient distillation units produce and provide high quality, recycled halogenated solvents for re-use and resale. Designed for all of our industrial customers, We provide a professional analysis approach that evaluates your manufacturing operations and evaluates your best opportunities for waste reuse, recycling or reclamation. We are dedicated professionals who will provide all of your environmental solutions for your waste streams on a recycled or reused basis. We will utilize the best efforts to minimize, your costs as well as your liability.

SEZ Recycling along with its providers are able to provide a recycling service for most types of flammable solvent based wastes, including paints, inks, resins, adhesives and cleaning solvents.

Solvent waste streams commonly recycled include:
* Mineral Spirits
* Solvent Blends
* Perchloroethylene / Trichloroethylene
* Methylene Chloride
* Trichloroethylene
* Glycol Ether
* Acetone
* Methyl Ethyl Ketone
* DBE Glycols

SEZ Recycling Helps You:
* Identify and quantify your immediate chemical recycling and reuse options as well as potential end markets.
* Understand your current regulations.
* Manage waste process reviews as well as manage your logistics.
* Create and introduce a comprehensive waste management program/system.
* Become an environmental leader with sound waste management.
* Be the best you can be.

SEZ Recycling Excels In:
* Recognizing valuable hazardous waste streams.
* Helping customers profit from their waste streams.
* Understanding the Federal Regulations governing recycle, reuse, reclamation options.
* Exhausting every avenue and identifying options to remove waste from all points in your R&D or manufacturing process, whether it's at the beginning, the middle or the end.

SEZ Recycling's Comprehensive Recycling Programs Will:
* Reduce waste disposal costs
* Minimize waste governed by regulations
* Create a positive impact on data reported on your reports
* Reduce the burden and associated costs of regulatory reporting
* Pursue potential buyers of your waste stream
* Preserve your reputation as an environmentally safe company by allowing you to publicize new waste minimization programs
* Share best practices with other locations within your company to maximize value.


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